Annict Supporters

Annict Supporters

Annict Supporters is a subscription program for Annict fans. You can subscribe by paying monthly or annually, and you can support the development of Annict. (Mainly server costs)

When you become a supporter you'll get some benefits.


No Ads

Ads appearing on the site will not be displayed.

Supporter Badge

The exclusive Annict Supporters badge will be displayed.

Price and Payment Method

We've made Annict Supporters a subscription-based feature. What this means is that when you sign up, You'll have two options to sign up: pay $2.99 USD per month or $29.99 per year (2 months free).

We use Gumroad. So you can pay using credit card or PayPal. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time from Gumroad's site.

Connect to Gumroad

In order to know which Gumroad account you have paid, you need to connect Annict's account with Gumroad's account.