Problem connecting Annict account to Gumroad

Hello :) I’ve recently made my first donation on Gumroad, but I’m having some issues connecting my Annict account to Gumroad so I would like some assistance.

Here is a screenshot of my screen when I try to connect both of my accounts:

Thank you very much in advance!!

Shimba, KojiAdmin
2021-10-02 19:18

Thank you for considering to be a supporter!
I've confirmed the issue. So I've contacted to Gumroad to solve it.
Please wait a response from Gumroad.

Thank you!

2021-10-03 01:16

Much appreciated! Thank you Shimba-san!! :)

Shimba, KojiAdmin
2021-10-12 20:15

Sorry for the very late reply!
I got responses from Gumroad and I could fix issues. (It looks like there were some bugs on Gumroad.)
Could you try to connect again?

2021-10-12 21:09

Hello! No worries!! I appreciate the help.
I just tried reconnecting on Chrome and a green banner popped up a the top of the screen, saying "連携しました" to confirm the connection.
I doubled checked on the "Annict Supporters" page again ( and the green gumroad button now says "Connected with Gumroad". So it seems the issue is resolved.

Thank you so much!!! :)

Shimba, KojiAdmin
2021-10-12 23:53

Thank you for checking it!
Saying "連携しました" is a bit weird behavior that causes by difference of domains ( / but it works expected.

Thank you again!

2021-10-13 00:04

Apologies. I initially pasted the wrong link for reference. To clarify, when the green banner popped up that said "連携しました", the domain was not the English one, but the Japanese one, at

Hope that clears up any confusion I caused. To confirm, all is good on my end regarding the Gumroad connection.

Thank you again for your help!! 👍🏼

Shimba, KojiAdmin
2021-10-13 02:24

Ah, got it! Thank you for clarifying!